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How Transitional Life Consulting Has Helped Others Benefits of Senior Care Management
Transitional Life Consulting takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

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Long-Distance Family

Sandra, age 79, lives alone, has health problems and recently fell on the stairs. She no longer drives and has missed doctor’s appointments. Daughter Mary and her brother Bob do not live in Iowa. Sandra wants to stay in her home that she has resided in for over 50 years. Bob has deferred the care giving to Mary, who has been struggling to figure out how to keep her mother safe. After Mary contacted Transitional Life Consulting for help, Kim assessed Sandra’s needs and developed a plan. As Mary knew she could not handle this alone, she allowed Kim to arrange and coordinate services for her, including clinic visits. Kim visits Sandra regularly and calls Mary with updates on her status. Mary is greatly relieved and reassured by the Kim’s involvement. Sandra looks forward to Kim’s visits and feels secure staying in her home of 50 years.

Advocating and Coordinating

Dorothy, age 81, lives alone in her home with no outside assistance, but her safety at home was questionable. Dorothy had an accident and required hospitalization and several weeks of rehabilitation at a nursing home. Kim attended a rehab care conference as Dorothy’s advocate per her request. The rehab team recommended that due to Susan’s care needs and prior self-care difficulties, she needed permanent nursing home placement. This is not what Dorothy wanted. Based on Kim’s assessment of Dorothy’s home situation, preferences, finances and resources available to her, Kim proposed an alternate plan to the rehab team. Kim was able to return Dorothy home safely after coordinating services for a home care nurse, home health aide, home modifications and assistive devices, homemaker/companion and money manager. She set up a meeting for Dorothy with an Elder Law attorney to plan for her current and anticipated needs. Kim follows Dorothy at her home, monitoring the home situation, coordinating her doctor’s appointments, and collaborating with the clinics and service providers to ensure good communication and a integrated care plan.

Managing Health Care Needs

Margaret seemed to be doing well independently although do to several health issues her daughter, Marie was spending many hours a week assisting at medical appointments, picking up prescriptions, filling the pill organizer, pharmacy and doctor with questions. Marie was becoming very overwhelmed with her mother’s medical needs. She was missing work, torn between her own family responsibilities and responsibilities for her mother. Marie’s frustration and stress levels were escalating. Marie contacted Transitional Life Consulting for help. With Margaret’s approval, Kim began accompanying her to doctor’s appointments and arranging the follow-up appointments. Kim assisted with communication between the health care providers and Marie. A home care nurse was hired to manage Helen’s medications. Kim continues to follow Margaret and remains available to provide additional services as her needs change. Marie can now be Margaret’s daughter and not her care giver. She is no longer struggling between Margaret’s needs and her own family. The stress of missing work and income is no longer an issue.


Colleen, 85 was doing a remarkable job caring for her husband Doug, 86 who had dementia. The cares became greater and greater and Doug was falling quite often. After one fall, Doug was admitted to the hospital and was then discharged to a local nursing home for skilled care to rehabilitate. Colleen and Doug’s daughters were very concerned about their mother and her desire and believed duty to bring their father back home. They could see the toll it was taking on their mother. The daughters contacted Transitional Life Consulting for assistance. Kim met with the daughters and Colleen to determine what was in the best interest for Colleen and Doug. After assessing Doug at the nursing home and visiting with the therapists, it was determined that Doug needed the level of care provided by the nursing home. Although the daughters felt this was the best care plan it was difficult for them to communicate with their mother without the assistance of a professional. Kim was able to guide them through this transition and Colleen is now the vibrant 85 year old women she should be with improved health of her own. Kim continues to follow Doug at the nursing home to assure the family that Doug is getting the quality care expected.

Hospital Discharge to Assisted Living

Evelyn, age 83 and suffering from dementia, lives in an assisted living community where she has settled into a comfortable routine and seems happy. Evelyn was hospitalized for a fractured hip and the hospital discharge planner recommended short-term rehab at discharge. Evelyn became more confused at the hospital and might have become even more confused when she moved again to rehab. The family could not believe a rehab facility was the only option for receiving the care Evelyn needed. The family contacted Transitional Life Consulting for help. After speaking with the family, hospital staff and the assisted living nurse, Kim proposed that Evelyn be discharged directly back to the assisted living with home therapy, home health aide services and increased care services from the assisted living staff while she recovers. The family is very pleased with the plan and Evelyn continues to thrive. Kim checks on Evelyn periodically and remains available if her needs change in the future. 

Transition to Retirement Community

Earl and Margaret, age 75, live independently in their lifetime home. They were beginning to fail and had the desire to move to a retirement community. There were several options available in the area and they had no idea where to begin to make a decision. Earl and Margaret contacted Kim at Transitional Life Consulting to help them with this transition. Kim met with them and discussed their goals and finances. Kim was able to recommend several communities that fit their wishes. Kim arranged appointments to visit the communities and helped Earl and Margaret work through the pros and cons of each. With Kim’s guidance a decision was made and a plan to transition was put in place. Earl and Margaret have completed their transition to their new home in the retirement community enjoying the activities provided. Kim is available as their needs change to assess and create a care plan when needed.

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