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Professional Guardianship Services
Guardianship services are needed when no other viable alternatives are available for a person who has become incapable of managing his or her own financial and/or personal affairs. Establishing a guardianship is a legal process and is determined by the courts. Although medical evidence is usually used in determining incapacity, it is important to remember that incapacity is a legal term, not a medical definition.
Many factors, including mental and physical health, personal environment, and financial status can impact an individual's capacity. When needed an emergency temporary guardian is appointed by the court until a decision is made whether or not an individual needs a guardian of the person and/or property.

Services may include:
Residential placement appropriate to needs
Ongoing visitation and monitoring of care
Coordination of medical, psychiatric, and rehabilitative services
Consent for medical treatment
Application for benefits on the person's behalf
• Financial management

All guardians are accountable to the local court and must get prior approval for many decisions and provide an annual written report of actions taken and services provided.

When appointed as Guardian, we ensure that the all-encompassing needs of the individual are provided. We consider the known preferences and lifestyle of each individual. The Guardian makes decisions utilizing known preferences to provide the best individualized care, while preserving the quality of life for the individual, in the least restrictive environment. 

At Transitional Life Consulting, our goal is to maintain as much independence for each protected person as they are able to manage. 

Dedicated to the mission of preserving the utmost dignity, independence and well-being for our client.